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Pen Pal Forum


Introduction to Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). Written by Jane Dickinson of Ink & Ruminations 'zine

Tour a Stamp/Pen Pal room in WV.
Spotlighted room: Elishia Pierce

On The Road…..   take an inside peak at "Artful Legacy" from Surfside Beach, SC

Keeping A Journal. Our first installment on journal writing, written by
Cynthia Reynolds.

Pal & Slam books- revisited.
We'll show you examples and walk you through each step in creating your own "Pal Book" (not to be mistaken with Friendship books. These are actual journals or photo albums.). 

Class Project: Learning to Work with UTEE.  Written by
Stacey Stamitoles from

But wait!
That's just the beginning. 

A 2pg. Spread on "Making Background Papers", written by Eliza Badurina from IQ Zine, How to Turn your Dryer Sheets into Exotic Papers, by Sandra Luck of Qwikart Stamps, Over 60 Pen Pal, Swapper and Bday twin listings, 2 Pages of readers artwork, A "Guide to the deco group jungle" by Maria Ogren,  Deco Themes, Company Spotlights and resources..  And SO MUCH MORE!

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